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Additional Sample Interrogatories Used in Court

Lawsuit Interrogatories are questions sent to the plaintiff or defendant to answer while under oath. In part one I showed you the first ten that I used in my case against LVNV Funding. Here are the remaining Interrogatories that I used that helped me win my case. Interrogatory No. 11 Describe LVNV Funding LLC’s procedure […]

Response to Interrogatories – Examples

It can be really daunting to receive a list of interrogatories to answer. Below is a list of sample replies that you can use as a baseline to answer the questions that you might have been asked. WARNING: Before you send these responses to interrogatories, you need to check your local court rules. These may […]

Debt Collections No Contact Letter, Verification Request

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if you notify the collection agency IN WRITING that you want it to stop further communication with you, the collection agency cannot contact you any further, except under certain circumstances. The purpose of this form is to stop debt collectors from contacting you. The document provides a paper […]

Help When Being Sued by Capital One

Whether you have received a summons by mail, found one pinned to your door or you received one in person, being sued is always a worrying experience. When you’re being sued by one of the biggest credit card companies in the US, a high level of intimidation and panic is added to the mix. Even […]

Sample Answer to Credit Card Debt Summons

When confronted with summons, you feel like you are facing a mixture of threats, legal jargon and pressure to act. The resulting and overriding feeling is nothing less that sheer terror. However, it needn’t be so daunting. Start at the beginning by understanding the terminology and then take it step-by-step. Many of us have found […]

Credit Card Summons Answer Template

You have probably already read that if you wish to contest a lawsuit that has been served on you, it is vital that you file a response to the summons and complaint from your credit card company or third party debt buyer. That decision is pretty straight forward but knowing how to respond is a […]