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How to Fight LVNV Funding Lawsuit

At present, the internet is teeming with questions and inquiries regarding an unfamiliar name: LVNV Funding. We say unfamiliar, because to the average consumer, it is an unknown corporation and one that they haven’t dealt with before. In the shady world of debt however, they are all too recognizable. The first time that you heard […]

LVNV Funding Response to Interrogatories

Below is my LVNV Funding response to interrogatories: IN THE [YOUR COUNTY] CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF [YOUR STATE] In the Court Superior/Circuit )    Case No.: [CASE NUMBER] LVNV FUNDING LLC                                             […]

Successful Motion to Dismiss for LVNV Funding Credit Credit Card Lawsuit

I received this from the court: I finally did it right, and LVNV admitting they don’t have the contract helped. The hearing arrived and LVNV Funding didn’t show up. At the hearing the judge said that he had my motion in hand and asked if I had anything further to add. I told him not […]

LVNV Defendant Response to Request to Admissions

Here is my response to the plaintiff requests: Defendant’s Responses to Plaintiff’s Requests for Admissions Fact No. 1 Please admit that you applied to the original creditors, Providian Financial, for the revolving credit card account number [ACOUNT NUMBER], in question. Answer: Defendant states that after a reasonable inquiry, the information known or readily obtainable by […]

LVNV Credit Card Sample Motion for Judgment

  IN THE [YOUR COUNTY] CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF [YOUR STATE] IN THE [YOUR COUNTY] CIRCUIT COURT )    Case No.: [CASE NUMBER] LVNV FUNDING LLC                                                   ) ) […]

LVNV Funding Discovery Cover Letter Sample

I still don’t have an assignment nor contract in front of me so I have no proof here, leaving my answers flying in the wind. COVER LETTER LLOYD & McDaniel, PLC [ADDRESS] [CITY, STATE, ZIP] Re: Your File No. [FILE NUMBER] To Whom It May Concern: Please find attached [XXX] responses to Plaintiff’s first set […]

How I Answered LVNV Funding Credit Card Summons

After being served my summons, I search the Internet and found a website with a forum which helped me out, to a point. The people on the forums were telling everyone: “You need to answer the summons!” I freaked out and researched how to answer a summons and then I proceeded to answer it. That […]

How I Beat a Collection Agency Credit Card Lawsuit

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and my pudding is in the image below. I was served by LVNV Funding claiming I owed them almost $8,000.00 for a credit card debt, plus interests, fees, attorney fees etc. I knew that they were going after a default judgment and I had to answer […]

Request for Documents Junk Debt Buyer Collection Agency

When requesting documents from a junk debt buyer/collection agency, think about what you are doing beforehand. First, I would want to only request documents that would help my case and not theirs. If I request the contract, that could hurt my case because down the line if they don’t have it, I could probably win. […]

LVNV Responded with Discovery

Within seven days of me filing my answer, I received a LVNV Fundings discovery from their attorney. I answered their discovery and sent it off the next day by air so that they got it on the last day it was due to them. My court allows 30 days to get all of their discovery […]