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Common Credit Card Debt Collection Methods to Be Mindful Of

You may think that it’s just an empty warning, but the fact remains that credit card companies and debt collection agencies that often presuppose old debt, can and will, prosecute you for amounts outstanding. In fact, they aren’t lawfully allowed to intimidate a lawsuit if they do not plan to go through with it. It […]

Exploring the Dynamics of Credit Card Lawsuits

When a credit card debt collector threatens a lawsuit, you are legitimately on notice. The judgment, if not in your favor, can lead to wage garnishment, asset repossession, and liability for the full balance in query. Listed below are some dynamics of credit card lawsuits that you must explore and be aware of: You MAY […]

Here’s How You Can Liberate Yourself From Credit Card Debt

For Americans, credit card debt is now a new source of oppression. According to the NerdWallet survey, the average U.S. household with debt carries $15,355 in credit card debt and $129,579 in total debt! That’s a staggering statistic. Credit card debt is truly a major financial obstacle that ties people down. Nonetheless, the subjugation goes […]

Credit Card Lawsuit Preparation Worksheet

It is important to carefully go through your Complaint before responding to a credit card lawsuit. This involves identifying and copying all relevant information including plaintiff name, case number, jurisdiction, etc. Accurately recording this information is critical because inaccurate details may lead to a default judgment against you on technical grounds. The best way to […]

Ways You Can Win A Credit Card Lawsuit…And It Has Nothing To With The Law

Think you need a lawyer to win against the big bad debt collector wolves? Think again. Here’s something that most debtors dealing with credit card lawsuits do not know: A defendant has the ability to win a lawsuit against junk debt buyers simply by showing up in court till the very end. You don’t need […]

Not Doing Anything About Your Credit Card Lawsuit Won’t Help You – Doing This Will!

Suing for credit card debts is an affluent business. This is mainly because most people do nothing after receiving a complaint. When a creditor files a lawsuit against you, all they need to do is claim that you owe them money. If you do nothing after receiving the notification that a lawsuit has been filed […]

Debt Lawsuit Defense Preparation

This article outlines the initial steps necessary to undertake when preparing to defend your credit card debt lawsuit. There are essentially to important things steps to takes. One, get a basic working knowledge of the court rules and procedure for your state. Two, create complaint analysis and checklist you can refer to as you prepare […]

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Invalid Assignment of Debt

One of the most powerful defense tool used to fight lawsuits initiated by collection agencies and junk debt buyers is called invalid or failure of debt Assignment. When a 3rd party purchase debt or take over collection rights from the original creditor its called an assignment of debt. There are certain legalities involved in this […]

Defense Preparation for Credit Card Lawsuit

On explaining his success, a sportsman recognized for his achievements stated that: “A winning effort begins with preparation”. It’s a simple concept but one that is fundamental whatever challenge we are facing. A credit card lawsuit is a particularly troubling ordeal that catapults an ordinary person into the unfamiliar, merciless world of debt collection and […]

Myths and Facts of Credit Card Lawsuits

When you find yourself in the daunting position of facing a credit card lawsuit, it can be an extremely confusing and distressing time and it’s hard to know where to begin in your battle or whether to battle at all. Understanding the rhetoric of legal terms and distinguishing between the fact and the fiction can […]