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Help Fighting Midland Funding

If you are being sued by Midland Funding, you are by no means alone. Over recent years, the number of lawsuits involving Midland Funding and other junk debt buyers has increased dramatically across the US. As one of the biggest delinquent debt buyers, they count on you to cower in the corner and do nothing. […]

How I Beat Midland Funding Lawsuit

My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced the stomach churning feeling of receiving a summons to court and I can personally sympathize when it is regarding credit card debt. Like me, I imagine that getting into debt was never something that you planned or anticipated but rather it was a result of a […]

Defending Yourself Against Midland Funding

Regrettably, the name Midland Funding is becoming increasingly recognizable across the United States and as they serve scores of summonses to unsuspecting consumers on a daily basis, regular families and individuals are left feeling confused and anxious. Midland Funding are one of the largest, if not the largest debt buying company in the US and […]

Beat Midland Funding in Court

Consumers all over the United States spend many happy, peaceful years without ever hearing the name Midland Funding. That is until they receive a court summons or they check their credit report. Midland Funding is not a bank or a commercial lender so you probably have never dealt with them personally in the past. So […]

How to Fight Midland Funding in Court

When writing about the art of war, a famous Chinese author explained that the key to success in any battle is to ‘Know your enemy’. This is definitely true when you find yourself battling credit card debt and facing a court case. You must begin by understanding who your enemy is. Who are Midland Funding? […]

How to Fight Midland Funding

An increasing number of consumers have reported that they have received a summons from the company Midland Funding. If you are one of them, it is likely that you don’t recognize this company. So, who are they? They describe themselves as ‘one of the nation’s largest buyers of unpaid debt’ but those in the business […]

Beating Midland Funding in Court

I was reading around on the Internet tonight and I read an interesting post on a message board regarding Midland Funding collection lawsuits and had to post it. I thank the poster and will keep their message board ID confidential. Here is that post: My county holds civil court once each week on Monday. At […]

Midland Funding LLC Mann Bracken LLP Lawsuit

Midland Funding LLC and Mann Bracken LLP face a class action in Federal Court in Marshall, Texas, accusing them of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Additional Information Luke Easter “Debt Collectors, Debt Collection Law Suits, PayDay Loans You’ve received a letter with 30 days to respond, don’t wait, The most important word to […]

Citibank Credit Card Lawsuit

When it comes to receiving credit card lawsuits, there are debt buyers who will present a case, and then there are credit card issuers that will present a case. The main purpose of both companies when filing a suit is to get judgment against the consumer. They would like to have all the money stripped […]

How To Beat Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

When receiving a credit card lawsuit from a debt collector, defendants must be sure to respond to the lawsuit by the date specified in the court papers to preserve their rights. Debt collectors will contact a person for two reasons: if the debtor is behind in paying bills or the creditor’s records mistakenly make it […]