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We received the following testimonials via email or as a post on our blog.

“I was so scared when the process server came to my house. I really wanted to hide my head in the sand like 90% of the folks who get served in credit cases. I am so thankful I found this website! The info on this site and The Defendant’s Package helped me to navigate through this scary process. I also did research on my state’s civil code procedures to determine when I need to file the different documents that I tailored to my own situation. The documents I got with the package were essential to my success. Although the junk debt buyer’s (Midland) lawyer answered my first discovery, he did not answer my request for production of documents and just as I was about to file a motion to dismiss. He got tired of my fighting him. Please, don’t be afraid of these folks. Get The Defendant’s Package! Thank you for this information, it is the main reason I won my case!” – Caitlin

“Do you all have a donation button on your website? I cannot believe that I had to pay so little for these documents! I just won my lawsuit which was over $30,000.00!! Can you believe this? I would love to donate more money to your cause to help others beat their lawsuits. What your asking is nothing compared to what you guys saved me. I finally am stress free and I just cannot get over this. Thank you for helping me and my family save all this money. We need more people like you in this world!. Please email me your donation link!!!” – Brian T.


I purchased your package several weeks ago. I am currently disabled and I haven’t worked for 2 years. I defaulted on a credit card and it was sold to a junk debt buyer. I answered the summons using your examples and on 8/21/2009 my court case was called and the attorney for the junk debt buyer asked me if I wanted to set up a payment plan or a settlement. I answered no. He replied that if I my case went to trial there would be no deals or settlement available. I was waiting for my case to be called in court when the attorney said that he wanted to talk to me outside the courtroom. I was expecting another settlement offer but to my surprise he handed me a dismissal order signed by the court. I didn’t even have to see the judge. Thanks for a wonderful product. I know that it was the answer and the motion to strike affidavit that was the reason the attorney decided to give up. Thanks!” – Michael


Who would have thought that by spending so little to purchase your Defendant’s Package would end up saving me $12,000 in the lawsuit that was filed against me for an old Citibank credit card I defaulted on? Best money I have ever spent! Lawsuit was dropped after I answered!!!! Thank you… Kris

“Thank you for making this Package for people like me who have no idea what they are doing! You guys made this easy on myself and my wife during our lawsuit”. Many Thanks, – Tim & Lisa.

“Wow!” “I answered the summons and Midland dismissed the case 2 weeks later!” “Thanks for saving me $3300.00!!!” YAHOO!!! – Ron Atlanta, Georgia

“I almost settled once they served me. I decided to answer their complaint to see if they had any evidence and sure enough they folded before discovery! Case Dismissed!” – Phil, California. ($17,000.00 Lawsuit)

“I’m glad I found this website. It is very informative and this package helped me so much. My case was dismissed before it even went to trial. Your request for production of documents saved my a**. About 23 days after sending my discovery they dismissed the case.” Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars. ($5500.00 Lawsuit) – Cheryl, Illinois

“I almost didn’t answer my summons because I couldn’t afford a lawyer and I didn’t know what I was doing. I am so glad that I bought this package, I just copied most of your stuff and LVNV dismissed the case. My credit is saved!!!!” – Ross B. Indiana ($14,300.00 Lawsuit)

“Lost my job, got sued on top of it. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this to help others I didn’t think I could do it! Case dismissed without prejudice! They didn’t have the proper chain of assignment I requested in discovery thank to you guys! I am awaiting to file a motion to dismiss with prejudice next!” – Ellen, Minnesota.

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“Case dismissed Midland Funding

I just want to give credit where credit is due. I just won my (first) case against Midland Funding.

On November 1st I had my court date. Because of the package I was well prepared and had written down my 7 defenses that I planned to use in my case, but I only needed one. The case was dropped.

Thank you for such great information! People: please do not be intimidated by all this legal stuff, and don’t be intimidated by some cheap rent-a-lawyer that represents the collection company. With this package you are well prepared to represent yourself and win. Believe me, there are soooo many things that can go wrong for the plaintiff. USE IT! – H. van Hoek

“I purchased your packet on Wed. and won my case today. Thank you for putting it together and helping so many “little guys” fight big business…..” – Dwayne

“Case Dismissed Saving $3,800

I want to thank you for offering this information!!! Literally, it saved me over $3,800+. Recently, I was served a summons by two sheriff’s deputies in Texas. The plaintiff was a notorious bottom feeder suing on “behalf” of a major retailer. To say the least, I was confused, sad, and upset at this action being taken, and I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I came across your website. I ordered the package, read the information, tailored my response and my own request for “Discovery” according to Texas law, and surprise: the case was dismissed within two weeks.

I am a very well educated person, and I have my Doctorate Degree in Education; however, I admit that I couldn’t have done it without you!!! There is simply too much legal jargon, procedures, and terms for an everyday person to understand. BUT, you made it very understandable. You made the difference. Thanks again!!!” -Dan C.

“Case Won Against Bank of America

Thank for your defendants package. I just beat Bank of America, the creditor, not a collector for $6,800. Holy ******, that was awesome, thanks for all your help, you have freed some of the slaves. Godspeed!” – Steve G, NJ

“Case Dismissed Voluntary Dismissal

I just wanted to say thanks for your great package. The Defendant’s Package has priceless information. I was being sued by a collection agency, they sent me a “request for admissions” – I used the info in the Defendant’s Package to respond to the request. A short time later, the plaintiff filed a voluntary non-suit – they dropped their case. HA HA, I love it! Thanks again!” – Mike L.

“Case Dismissed

I just had my case dismissed. I had to go a few steps beyond the initial motion to dismiss, but the package helped immensely. I actually enjoyed making the attorney have to do some work.” – Jon B.K.

“Case Dismissed Saving $17,535

The Defendant’s Package saved me $17,535!! My case was dismissed today. I had no idea what I was doing until I bought this package and I followed it every step of the way and WON. Thanks for taking the time to make this package for people like me.” – Margaret

“Thank you so very much for your information and help. I just purchased your package. I have never been involved with the courts and had no idea where to start. It seems some people still like to take advantage of others in a distressed state. I am so thankful I found your site. I asked for guided assistance and have now found what I need. This has lifted my spirit for you have empowered me with your guided help. I thank you deeply from the heart.” – Aj from Indiana (Power to the People!)

“Case Dismissed

I had our case dismissed by following the exact instructions found in the materials I received. The only advice I would give to anyone is to not lean on their own understanding in any of this. Just because you feel you are 100% right, the court is all about proper procedures. If you don’t follow the packet and do things it tells you to do, you can lose because you did not play by the rules and the plaintiff’s count on your ignorance every time. Don’t think, just do and the outcome will be in your favor. In court I saw dozens of people lose because they felt they were right but they lost by not following every procedure. This material saved me from the same fate because my approach would have been about common sense and that plays no role here. This is a about the rule of law that governs every court.” – Bill T.

“Case Dismissed Against Capital One Saving $7,000

A collection attorney in Alabama claimed that I owed Capital One nearly $7000 on “account stated between the plaintiff and defendant. Yesterday I purchased and downloaded “The Defendant’s Package”. Today I went to trial and successfully defended myself against Capital One in the District Court of Shelby County, Alabama.” – PhillyOnTheWeb

“Case Dismissed LVNV Funding

I recently used this and beat LVNV in Alabama circuit court. It really works!” – David

“Case Dismissed Against Midland Funding Saving $14,000

Just won against Midland Funding for over $14,000 Thank You Very Much!!!!” – Bob

“Case Dismissed Voluntary Dismissal

I was sued by a junk debt buyer, and no one wanted to help me. I read a couple of websites and found yours to be the most helpful. Then I talked to a lawyer with a free consultation. He was no help at all. I decided that instead of spending $1000 on a lawyer, I’d buy your documents. MONEY WELL SPENT. My answer was almost verbatim the text you provided, and the opposing lawyer filed a Praecipe to Discontinue.” – Bert S.

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