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Help When Being Sued by Capital One

Whether you have received a summons by mail, found one pinned to your door or you received one in person, being sued is always a worrying experience. When you’re being sued by one of the biggest credit card companies in the US, a high level of intimidation and panic is added to the mix. Even […]

How to Win a Lawsuit Against Capital One

Capital One is one of the top ten largest banks in the US offering a diverse range of products and services including loans, mortgages, personal banking, credit cards and investments. In the 1990s they led the way in the extensive promotion of credit cards for the everyday consumer and as a result they have become […]

Capital One Credit Card Lawsuit

I am still in the middle of this lawsuit. However, Capital One did not comply with Indiana Trial Rule 9.2 (failed to attach agreement) so I got the case dismissed without prejudice. They then filed for a Motion for Extension of time to comply with Trial Rule 9.2 and it was granted. They then sent […]

Capital One Summons Lawsuit

This is the summons that I received for the Capital One lawsuit that I won. Click here to learn how I beat them!

Motion to Strike Credit Card Agreements in Credit Card Debt Lawsuits

Can you strike the credit card agreement attached to your lawsuit if it is irrelevant to your case? I have posted many items in regards to my credit card debt lawsuit with Capital One but let’s get into why I did this and if it worked in case you did not read any of those […]

I Beat Capital One Lawsuit

When I was sued by Capital One in December, they attached an affidavit of debt but no contract. I filed a motion to dismiss case for not attaching the contract which was granted without prejudice. Capital One filed a motion for extension of time to comply (attach contract). When they supposedly complied, they added all […]

Being Sued by Capital One in Florida

In Florida, there have been quite a few cases involving Capital One that have been dismissed because of the Virginia Governing Law that is located on the customer agreement. Below is the case for you: Capital One Case To learn how I beat Capital One in court, click here.

Lawsuit Debt Capital One

Watch out for Capital One; they like to sue people and attach a contract with the wrong copyright date. If they’ve done this, you need to check your local court rules as the case could get thrown out with a motion to strike. A creditor cannot legally attach a customer agreement that does not govern […]

Capital One Credit Card Lawsuit Dismissed

Capital One never sent me any credit card statements for almost a year and a half after I defaulted on their credit card. Last December, I was served a summons with complaint claiming that my $300.00 limit was now inflated to over $2,000.00. I admit I made the mistake of not paying my credit card […]

Capital One Judgment

I was sued back in 2002 by Capital One and before I knew any better, I called the law firm to settle the debt. I paid off the entire debt but they claimed I still owed them $24.00. I was also told that since we made a settlement that the law firm would contact the […]