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Additional Sample Interrogatories Used in Court

Lawsuit Interrogatories are questions sent to the plaintiff or defendant to answer while under oath. In part one I showed you the first ten that I used in my case against LVNV Funding. Here are the remaining Interrogatories that I used that helped me win my case. Interrogatory No. 11 Describe LVNV Funding LLC’s procedure […]

How to Answer Interrogatories to Credit Card

Once a defendant has filed a response to their summons and complaint, the plaintiff usually initiates the discovery stage of the lawsuit. This is when both parties can request information from each other in order to gain more details regarding the case. Whereas requests for admissions are true or false statements to be admitted or […]

Response to Interrogatories – Examples

It can be really daunting to receive a list of interrogatories to answer. Below is a list of sample replies that you can use as a baseline to answer the questions that you might have been asked. WARNING: Before you send these responses to interrogatories, you need to check your local court rules. These may […]