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Protect Money from Bank Seizures

Is my money safe? This is a common question leading many to analyze whether to keep their checking or savings account with the bank that also provides their credit card. There are definite advantages to having the accounts linked, the ease of simple online payments being one of them. At the same time, promises of […]

3 Worst Credit Card Information Data Breaches of All Times!

If you are someone who stays on top of the latest news, you may have heard about the infamous Target data breach, where millions of customers’ credit card numbers and other personal details were misused by cybercriminals. If you think that’s the worst form of data breach in history, here are the 3 worst credit […]

How to Protect your Income against Credit Card Company Wage Garnishment

This article outlines how credit card companies and junk debt buyers use the courts to garnish your wages to pay back a judgment against you, as well as, provide tips and strategies you can take to protect yourself from this occurring. Wage garnishment can be a financially devastating, so its very important to learn everything […]

How to Repair Credit after a Credit Card Lawsuit Part 2

This is the 2nd part of a 2-article series focus on improving credit score after a devastating credit card lawsuit. The first three steps in the previous article touched on how to obtain a free credit report, and the steps needed to identify inaccurate information that may hurt your credit score. This article provides the […]

How to Repair Credit after a Credit Card Lawsuit Part 1

This article is the first of a 2 part series focused on credit repair strategies. More specifically, the goal of these articles is to provide you with the information needed to rebuild credit after credit card lawsuit judgment, or other catastrophic credit event. This series include tips and simple step-by-step instructions on how get a […]

How to Repair Credit after Credit Card Lawsuit

The goal of this article is to provide concise answers to some basic credit repair questions, and provide strategies to legally repair your credit score after late credit card payments, and/or judgments have negatively impacted your credit score. Entering the term ‘credit repair’ into Google yields over 240 million search results. As you probably know, […]

Top 4 Ways to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Bogged down in the dark and bottomless abyss of impending debts? We all know the drill. You promise yourself that this is the last time you’re using your credit card this month. Soon after, follows a series of “necessary” and “unavoidable” expenses that, yet again, thrusts you deeper into never-ending debts. According to the Federal […]

Protect Bank Account from Judgment Creditors

If you are being sued and have not answered your complaint, the chances are that the creditor got a default judgment against you. What this means is that they will legally be able to come after your bank account and wages by garnishing them. If you have a default judgment against you, or are in […]

Re-Establish Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Apply for a Total Visa® now! Are you discouraged by a poor credit history? Total Visa® offers a credit card for people with “less than perfect” credit. Apply today and with our instant online decision, you may be approved in minutes. If approved, you will enjoy all the benefits of a Total Visa: Free 24-hour […]

Consumer Credit Protection Act

The term “open end credit plan” means a plan under which the creditor reasonably contemplates repeated transactions, which prescribes the terms of such transactions, and which provides for a finance charge which may be computed from time to time on the outstanding unpaid balance. A credit plan which is an open end credit plan within […]