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Capital One Judgment

I was sued back in 2002 by Capital One and before I knew any better, I called the law firm to settle the debt. I paid off the entire debt but they claimed I still owed them $24.00. I was also told that since we made a settlement that the law firm would contact the court and I wouldn’t get a judgment against me.

When I received the $24.00 bill, I told them that I paid everything in full. I made copies of every payment and I sent them off to Capital One. I never heard back from them. I pulled my credit report and found that a law firm in northwest Indiana placed a judgment on my credit report claiming I never paid the bill which then automatically puts a lien on my house. I called them and argued it out and it was removed.

As a result, I decided never to settle with these ignorant companies again because when I didn’t know better, I settled and I still got into trouble. Capital One never even put that the bill was paid on my credit report; I had to dispute it with the credit bureau. They don’t care about people, so why should you?

How I beat Capital One in court