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Additional Sample Interrogatories Used in Court

Lawsuit Interrogatories are questions sent to the plaintiff or defendant to answer while under oath. In part one I showed you the first ten that I used in my case against LVNV Funding. Here are the remaining Interrogatories that I used that helped me win my case. Interrogatory No. 11 Describe LVNV Funding LLC’s procedure […]

Response to Interrogatories – Examples

It can be really daunting to receive a list of interrogatories to answer. Below is a list of sample replies that you can use as a baseline to answer the questions that you might have been asked. WARNING: Before you send these responses to interrogatories, you need to check your local court rules. These may […]

LVNV Funding Lawsuits

A few years ago I was sued by LVNV Funding, a company that buys outdated consumer debts. In the middle of the lawsuit they admitted that they did not have the contract because they weren’t the original creditor. Without a contract you have no lawsuit. This junk debt buyer typically buys the outdated debt and […]