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What not to Tell a Collection Agency

The purpose of this article is to give you the information you need to protect yourself from junk debt buyers and their attorneys. Always keep in mind that the collection agenices only have one purpose- collect debt. Any appearance that they are doing you a favor is only a distraction to get you to put your guard down, and potentially use information they obtained from you against you later on.

Tips for Dealing with Collection Agency

  • Never call a collection agency or speak with the over the telephone. The lack of paper trail may be problematic if situation escalated into a lawsuit.

  • Do not communicate with a collection agency regarding extremely old debt. If you have reasons to believe the debt owe is near the statues of limitation do not contact them in any way; as doing so may restart the clock.

  • Only communicate with collection agencies in writing, and send via registered mail.

  • Never give a collection agency your banking or credit card account information. They may take out more than you agreed to, and they can use the information to seize your funds if they get a judgment against you.

  • Put payment arrangements in writing. The written agreement should include monthly payment amounts, total amount owed, and a clause that the agency will remove the item from your credit report upon final payment.

Lastly, keep in mind that paying off a collection agency will not necessarily improve your credit score. This is why its important when making payment arrangement to draw up a signed contract stating they will delete this collection entry from your credit report upon final payment.

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