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Additional Sample Interrogatories Used in Court

Lawsuit Interrogatories are questions sent to the plaintiff or defendant to answer while under oath. In part one I showed you the first ten that I used in my case against LVNV Funding. Here are the remaining Interrogatories that I used that helped me win my case. Interrogatory No. 11 Describe LVNV Funding LLC’s procedure […]

Response to Interrogatories – Examples

It can be really daunting to receive a list of interrogatories to answer. Below is a list of sample replies that you can use as a baseline to answer the questions that you might have been asked. WARNING: Before you send these responses to interrogatories, you need to check your local court rules. These may […]

Legal Documents Needed for Request for Documents

Below is a list of all the legal documents that you will need before you turn in your request for documents. Please provide the actual credit card contract upon which your complaint is based on. Please provide a contract, agreement, assignment, or other means of demonstrating that Plaintiff has the authority and was legally entitled […]

Defendant’s Objections and Responses to Document Requests

Below are the actual answers I used for the responses to document requests. 1. Please provide copies of any and all payments made on the account sued upon, for example, all canceled checks, money order receipts, etc., including a copy of any payment which you allege paid off or settled the account sued upon. Answer: […]

Help with Affidavit of Debt

It can be a little overwhelming to find yourself in the middle of a credit card lawsuit, especially when you have taken the courageous decision to defend yourself. With a flood of documents, legal terminology and policies, it can be a challenge to comprehend what is in front of you. However, it’s not impossible and […]

How to Answer Admission of Facts

Credit card lawsuits are comprised of many different, tedious stages. If you have received a request for admissions of facts, you are probably part way through the process, having submitted your answer after receiving a summons. A request for admissions of facts is part of the discovery phase of the lawsuit which allows both parties […]

How to Answer Admissions of Debt

After you have just about recovered from answering your Summons and Complaint, the next phase in your Credit Card lawsuit begins: The Discovery Process. This is where both parties attempt to gather as much information about the case and the other party in preparation for trial. As part of this process you may receive a […]

Hearing in March But Discovery is Due Before Then – Now What?

I looked up my court’s rules and a motion to reconsider does not mean that discovery is put on hold. However, the discovery is due before the hearing! I knew in my heart that this was going to get dismissed at the hearing but I had to follow my court rules to avoid any issues. […]

Collection Agency Discovery Notarized

Bombarded with questions about what needs to be signed after discovery is answered? All you need to do is go to your local court rules under discovery or interrogatories to parties, admissions and Request for Documents. Your court will tell you exactly how this should be formatted and that it should be signed by the […]

Affidavit of Debt Signed Credit Card Lawsuit

There is a huge difference between an affidavit that is signed by an employee of the original creditor or an employee of a junk debt buyer. When an affidavit is signed by an employee of the original creditor, that person is working for the company and the original creditor still owns your account. Therefore, that […]