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Sworn Denial of Credit Card Debt

The purpose of this document is to legally deny to the Court any debt that Creditors’ claims to be yours. Be truthful, as this is a sworn document, and you can be prosecuted for fraud or perjury if you are intentionally untruthful. For a full explanation of a Sworn Denial and why you should use […]

Certificate of Service Credit Card Lawsuit Sample

The form can be used to inform the court that legal document were delivered were delivered to the Plaintiff attorneys. For a full explanation of a Certificate of Service Credit and why you should use it, see e-book, The Defendant’s Package located here. IN THE TYPE OF COURT OF YOUR STATE IN AND FOR THE […]

Sample Answer to Credit Card Debt Summons

When confronted with summons, you feel like you are facing a mixture of threats, legal jargon and pressure to act. The resulting and overriding feeling is nothing less that sheer terror. However, it needn’t be so daunting. Start at the beginning by understanding the terminology and then take it step-by-step. Many of us have found […]

Credit Card Summons Answer Template

You have probably already read that if you wish to contest a lawsuit that has been served on you, it is vital that you file a response to the summons and complaint from your credit card company or third party debt buyer. That decision is pretty straight forward but knowing how to respond is a […]