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How to win your debt collection lawsuit without going to trial

There’s a nationwide study that shows that ninety-five percent of people don’t respond to their debt collection lawsuit. But if you’ve filed a response to the lawsuit, that means the case is almost going to land in a trial. Most people see the idea of going to court, facing a debt collector’s attorney, or even […]

6 Tips for drafting the answer in a debt collection lawsuit

Give a brief response: There are some laws that guide writing an answer to a lawsuit like these; for example; the Federal rule of civil procedure (Rule 7, subsection A2) states that a core document can answer to a complaint and when answering to a complaint, it’s either you admit or deny paragraphs in the […]

Do nothing strategy to winning your debt collection lawsuit

Did you know that 95% of people who are filed a debt collection lawsuit by original debtcollectors, credit card companies, or junk debt buyers don’t do anything about it? So, they end up owing the full amount giving the collector the right to collect on that judgment.So when your creditor gets a judgment against you, […]


We’ve all been there, at one point or the other, struggling with that very low or “fair” credit score thatthreatens to portray us as an individual that cannot be trusted financially. While some of us were able to rebuild that FICO score, it seems almost impossible to be rebuilt byothers. If you belong to the […]

Common Credit Repair Scams

Maybe you’ve considered using a credit repair service to help you repair your damaged credit. Alegitimate credit repair company can help you to remove incorrect negative items from yourrecord that may be affecting your credit score. Even though you can improve your credit score yourself, using a credit repair company onlyhelps to make the entire […]


A debt validation letter is what a debt collector sends you to prove that you owe them money.This letter shows you the details of a specific debt, outlines what you owe, who you owe it to,and when they need you to pay. Legally, a debt collector has to send you a debt verification letterwithin five […]