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How To Respond To A Summons For Credit Card Debt

So, you’ve just been served with a summons or complaint by your credit card company or debt collection agency. What’s next? Do you know that an estimated 95 percent of credit card lawsuits result in default judgments in favor of lenders? Why? That’s because of the simple tragedy that they fail to respond to the […]

Answering A Summons? 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Being served with a lawsuit is most definitely troublesome. We understand the overwhelming feeling that debtors face in this situation. And so, time and again, we’ve emphasized the significance of responding to a summons and complaint. At best, answering this summons could be a breakthrough in your case, shifting the balance in your favor. At […]

How to Answer a Summons Credit Card Debt

Here is everything you will receive: (Note: All of the legal pleadings are formatted in Microsoft Word on 28 lined pleading paper. All other informational documents are in PDF Format.) 1. START HERE! E-LETTER: INSTRUCTIONS FOR UNDERSTANDING AND COMPLETING YOUR E-DOCUMENTS This letter is your tutorial and will give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how […]

How to Answer Interrogatories to Credit Card

Once a defendant has filed a response to their summons and complaint, the plaintiff usually initiates the discovery stage of the lawsuit. This is when both parties can request information from each other in order to gain more details regarding the case. Whereas requests for admissions are true or false statements to be admitted or […]

What Do I Do After First Receiving My Summons?

If you are confused and don’t know what to do when a summons is issued to you and you thought that the collection agencies would freeze your bank account and come after your paycheck, you no longer have to be afraid. The unethical companies who sue people win if the people do not answer their […]

Best Way to Answer a Summons

If you are new to the world of credit card lawsuits, it can be a daunting experience. Some people opt to hire an attorney to defend them. The attorney will take care of all the paper work and file your answer for you. However, for the majority of us, hiring an attorney is just not […]

Win Credit Card Debt Court Summons

The chances are that you have found this page due to finding yourself in a sticky situation. Maybe, you have just been taken by surprise by the contents of an envelope you have been given; you have been served with a court summons. In a panicked scramble to find out what it all means and […]

Answering Interrogatories Credit Card Debt

One of the most important parts of answering a credit card summons is the discovery phase, which includes the interrogatories. Answering the interrogatories can be the turning point in your credit card lawsuit. When the time comes to answer the interrogatories sent by the opposing party, you will receive a list of questions asking for […]

How to Answer a Credit Card Lawsuit

You’re over the initial shock of receiving a summons for credit card lawsuit and the fighter in you is now determined to do everything you can to fight back and win this case. By now you should have carefully studied your local court rules for any information, laws and instructions that pertain to your case. […]

Summons for Credit Card

A Summons for credit card debt is served by a collection agency or junk debt buyer. The collection agency purchased your old debt for pennies on the dollar and is suing you for the amount due. The Summons is different from the Complaint and is basically a paper from your court telling you that you […]