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Dismiss with Prejudice Debt

Fighting a credit card lawsuit may not sound like the easiest task to take on but with the right help and resources a consumer who chooses to defend himself can get his case dismissed, even without the help of an attorney. If the defendant gets to a point where he can file a motion to […]

Credit Card Lawsuits’ Most Common Questions

When faced with a credit card summons, the consumer is overwhelmed with questions. The debtor might wonder: Where did this debt come from? How will I afford a lawyer? Does this mean I have to go to court? Where do I begin with answering a court summons? Who is this company suing me? Those debt […]

The Defendant’s Package

Having to face a credit card lawsuit can be a little bit overwhelming. When junk debt buyers start calling and a summons arrives in the mail, one can’t help but be somewhat intimidated. Luckily, there is help available for the “average joe” who may not be able to pay a lawyer to defend him against […]

How To Beat Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

When receiving a credit card lawsuit from a debt collector, defendants must be sure to respond to the lawsuit by the date specified in the court papers to preserve their rights. Debt collectors will contact a person for two reasons: if the debtor is behind in paying bills or the creditor’s records mistakenly make it […]

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

When facing a credit card lawsuit it is important to know what defenses are useful for your case. As you’re going up against collection agencies or the original creditor, you need to have a strong defense to use. Debt collectors are actively filing suits to collect debts, whether they are legitimate or not. According to […]

How to Answer a Summons for Credit Card Debt

Suppose you receive a summons in the mail and fear the collection agency will freeze your bank account because of your debt lawsuit. There are junk debt buyers, collection agencies and unethical companies, that are out there trying to manipulate consumers and issue credit card lawsuits so that they can make money. When the person […]