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Midland Funding LLC Mann Bracken LLP Lawsuit

Midland Funding LLC and Mann Bracken LLP face a class action in Federal Court in Marshall, Texas, accusing them of violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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  • avatar Luke Easter

    “Debt Collectors, Debt Collection Law Suits, PayDay Loans

    You’ve received a letter with 30 days to respond, don’t wait,
    The most important word to you right now is this, “Validate!”
    Unless they can prove any claim that will stand up in court,
    Then they have to remove the entry from your credit report.

    Or, you’ve just received a summons you’d like to forget,
    You’re being sued by a debt collector for credit card debt,
    Well relax; don’t get excited because you do have rights,
    Get ready, now’s the time to roll up your sleeves & fight.

    The Law of Equity,7th Amendment of The U.S. Constitution,
    And this is just the beginning of your defensive resolution,
    This country was founded? Let me put you in remembrance,
    An article we know as, “The Declaration of Independence.”

    These are just parts of your rights & defense, some not all,
    There is a violation of Federal R.I.C.O. & Civil RICO Law,
    A so-called, “valuable consideration” cannot be a mystery,
    Your right to know the amount paid. Why? Criminal Usury.

    Alleged debt is 10k but their purchase price was 100 bucks,
    In Ohio they cannot charge more than 5%, so lots of luck,
    Because your contract was with whomever, not with them,
    Hey don’t panic because this is how the process will begin.

    Midland Funding LLC is notorious for filing claims in court,
    However, without a valid written agreement they must abort,
    Research Case NO 3: 08 CV 1434, Document 50,08/11/09,
    U.S. District Court Judge David Katz ruled against, here’s why.

    Midland Funding LLC v. Brent, et al. the Ohio court did find,
    The affidavit, documentation was not properly, legally signed,
    Midland violated both the OCSPA & FDCPA trying to collect,
    And at an interest rate higher than allowed by law for said debt.

    “Volenti non fit injuria” is a legal term meaning assumption of risk,
    Ohio Fair Debt Collection Practices Act § 1319.12. Requirements,
    A signed written agreement & monetary consideration shall state,
    And in addition it shall expressly authorize with an effective date.

    Encore Capital Group and others like them are, “Junk Debt Buyers,”
    Paying less than a penny then charging you up to 100 times higher,
    So, FYI there have been many lawsuits filed against them and won,
    Requesting, “summery judgment” does not mean it is over & done.

    Do not let lawyers push you around, respond and don’t be moved,
    They claim validity with credit card receipt copies, make them prove,
    You can’t buy groceries, clothes or gas with a copy of a $20.00 bill,
    The law is the law and it works both ways, when they Jack you Jill.

    Surely it’ss probably the biggest unknown consumer credit card fact,
    When sued you have the right to request a copy of the original contract,
    Why are there are so many judgments? Da! We have to know our rights
    They’re default judgments because you don’t show up in court and fight.

    Remember, this is just a partial list there is so much more you bet,
    Do your own investigation, a plethora of sites are on the Internet,
    Don’t allow these crooks to illegally use the legal system for pay,
    Make them understand, if it is hardball they want, two can play.

    Co to court, pursuant to the FDCPA Act § 803.4 and make them prove,
    By not being the original creditors they must establish dealings with you,
    Since they are not, their records are immaterial, irrelevant and hearsay,
    It will take some effort on your part but it’s worth it to make it go away.

    You received a letter; okay demand a “Debt Validation” here’s the deal,
    Respond within 30 days or they will assume the, “alleged” debt is real,
    If you’re at the summons/subpoenas stage there’s still plenty of time, or, online.

    Don’t forget they’re the Plaintiff you’re the Defendant so you defend,
    As aggressive as your adversary without backing down, you will win,
    It is not England in the 17th Century it’s America no need to escape,
    That tyrant King George III is not The President of The United States.

    When Law Enforcement violates U.S. Constitution Amendment #4,
    The case is thrown out and criminals routinely walk out the door,
    “Junk Debt Buyers” falsely make claims & defendants pay more,
    Any wonder why the rich stay rich while the poor remain poor?

    Bad enough that high interest rates create billionaires on the backs,
    Of the hard working majority who are faced with all kinds of attacks,
    Why do most judges allow this injustice to continue go to through?
    Uh, a leopard doesn’t change its spots they were once lawyers too.

    Midland Funding LLC & subsidiaries of Encore Capital Group Inc,
    Isaiah 1: 17, simply put their Gestapo tactics & criminal ethics stink,
    An injunction was issued now they can no longer demand by lies,
    Monies at a 1,000% rate destroying freedom and mom’s apple pie.

    It’s obvious that consumers are unaware of this very important fact,
    Accounts now uncollected are charged off on corporate income tax,
    The debt has become alleged because it is no longer the full amount,
    So, law firms and collectors are banking on your inability to count.

    This is an unjust practice and by law it should be labeled as corrupt,
    Forget the lobbyists isn’t it time for our elected officials to stand up?
    We have, “Certain Inalienable Rights” no “junk debt buyer” can deny,
    Written documents, “Founding Fathers” based freedom on that’s why.

    You’ll demand, “FDCPA Debt Validation” they’ll send a stack of copies,
    This is when you will know, not think, their game is getting very sloppy,
    Demand! It is your right to demand verification by FDCPA section 809,
    Read it since it’s at this point they legally have to stop wasting your time.

    Remember that unscrupulous nation we hurriedly sailed away from?
    Well, don’t look now but Centuries later has America now become?
    By predatory mortgage lending practices, citizens loose their homes,
    As soldiers fight overseas their spouses fall victim to PayDay Loans.

    With all of these exceedingly high interest rates where is Uncle Sam?
    Not only by their own Government but by con artists being scammed,
    Congress, House, Senate should be doing more not less than they can,
    Oh, if elected officials put their lives on the line then they’d understand.

    Why, when everything points to doing more they seem to do the least?
    And instead of coming across as a “Beauty” they raise up as a “Beast,”
    Even Elizabeth has declared a 10-year pay freeze and she’s the Queen,
    Ha, and we have elections but act like we’re still pawns under the King.

    A Supreme Court ruling reiterated the constitutional right to bear arms,
    06/28/2010, striking down a Chicago law leaving us susceptible to harm,
    So, how much longer will these financial institutions continue to prevail?
    Every single one found guilty of ‘any’ wrongdoing should end up in jail.

    Really nothing much to say in defense of the leaches at Pay Day Loans,
    Except to sit down, restructure needs verses wants, to leave them alone,
    But against blood sucking debt collection companies how can you fight?
    When you fail to take advantage of laws and understanding your rights.

    Now they have file for a Summery Judgment, what shall you reply?
    Here are two to be used as following legal defenses are reasons why,
    Check this ok, “Lack Of Standing” and “Lack Of Legal Sufficiency,”
    Violating the FDCPA, that is none other than, “Unclean Hands” # 3.

    In Ohio along with District Court Judge David Katz there’s the, OAG,
    As the state also filed an injunction citing a, “false affidavits” legality,
    Supreme Court says a false one is worse than none at all as their decree,
    CV-10-5132-LRS Eva Lauber & other Plaintiffs v. Midland Funding LLC.

    Finally, the United States Constitution has your citizen rights guaranteed,
    “Certain steps are required before depriving us of life, liberty, or property,”
    The 14th Amendment, “fundamental rights” we have “due process” by law,
    And as consumers you have protection not from some of these but for all.”