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How I Beat Midland Funding Lawsuit

My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced the stomach churning feeling of receiving a summons to court and I can personally sympathize when it is regarding credit card debt. Like me, I imagine that getting into debt was never something that you planned or anticipated but rather it was a result of a […]

Defending Yourself Against Midland Funding

Regrettably, the name Midland Funding is becoming increasingly recognizable across the United States and as they serve scores of summonses to unsuspecting consumers on a daily basis, regular families and individuals are left feeling confused and anxious. Midland Funding are one of the largest, if not the largest debt buying company in the US and […]

Beat Midland Funding in Court

Consumers all over the United States spend many happy, peaceful years without ever hearing the name Midland Funding. That is until they receive a court summons or they check their credit report. Midland Funding is not a bank or a commercial lender so you probably have never dealt with them personally in the past. So […]