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Myths About Credit Card Lawsuits

There are lots of lies and false beliefs floating around the Internet about dealing with debt and credit card lawsuits. It is not just the Internet where false information is being spread either. There have always been many myths surrounding debt and debt collection so it’s all too easy to be mislead and confused. Unless […]

Beating Junk Debt Buyers

Many attorneys representing debt collection agencies do not have the documents necessary to prove their case. Summons and complaints cannot be simply sent out to people for them to then automatically give up the money. It doesn’t work that way; and if people are giving up their money that easily, they shouldn’t. In the U.S. […]

Midland Funding Lawsuit

Have you recently received a telephone call, collection letter or summons from Midland Funding? Midland Funding is a company that buys “bad debt”, credit accounts that are in default, in an effort to make profit. These sneaky collectors are trying to get money from of your so called debt by buying large blocks of alleged […]