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Collection Agency Discovery Notarized

Bombarded with questions about what needs to be signed after discovery is answered? All you need to do is go to your local court rules under discovery or interrogatories to parties, admissions and Request for Documents.

Your court will tell you exactly how this should be formatted and that it should be signed by the person answering the interrogatories or objecting to them. That does not mean you have to sign every single answer or objection. So if you had 25 interrogatories to answer or object to, you wouldn’t sign your name after each of those. Believe it or not, people think that’s what they are supposed to do and that is not right.

If your court is telling you that you need the interrogatories signed and notarized, you would have it notarized in its entirety.


Say I was given 25 interrogatories to answer. I would review my court rules on how these should be answered or objected to. I would then go through numbers 1 – 25 and answer or object to each and every one of them. And when I am finished with number 25–right there at the bottom of that paper is where I would then have this notarized. You will sign this in front of a Notary of the Public. So all 25 answers or objections have been signed and notarized as required by your court.