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What Do I Do After First Receiving My Summons?

If you are confused and don’t know what to do when a summons is issued to you and you thought that the collection agencies would freeze your bank account and come after your paycheck, you no longer have to be afraid. The unethical companies who sue people win if the people do not answer their summons. Admittedly, it is scary when you receive summons but The Defendant’s Package can help..

The first thing you must understand is that just because you are served doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to lose your case. Most of the time, these companies do not have the proper documents to testify and prevail in a court of law and are looking for a judgment issued on default conditions. The first and foremost thing to do is to check the summons and not the complaint. Peruse through it carefully and know what exactly the court is asking you to do. It will tell you the nature of the issue and will ask you to answer your summons within a specified period of time. Sometimes, depending on the state you live, you will get date on which you have to show up. Make sure you answer your complaint by the deadline.

After you answer your summons within the time frame, the collection agencies come into the picture. They have the power to further this lawsuit or dismiss it. Just like those companies, collections agencies want to win a case by default so that they can freeze bank accounts and take wages. By answering a summons, the companies will incur an attorney fee. At court, you have to show that you actually own this debt and ask them for the pertinent documents that support their claims for every cent they are suing you for. Also, ask them to prove that you owe the original creditor any such amount.