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The Defendant’s Package

Having to face a credit card lawsuit can be a little bit overwhelming. When junk debt buyers start calling and a summons arrives in the mail, one can’t help but be somewhat intimidated. Luckily, there is help available for the “average joe” who may not be able to pay a lawyer to defend him against a debt lawsuit. With The Defendant’s Package consumers who decide to defend themselves against a credit card debt lawsuit no longer have to feel intimidated by those collection agencies.

The Defendant’s Package was especially made for people all over America who want to fight these collection agencies on debt that they may not really owe creditors. It directs Defendant’s on how to answer a summons and walks them through the entire Discovery Process and days leading up to their court appearance, if it even gets to that point. The Defendant’s Package is compiled of tips, instructions, case-winning samples and the necessary documents needed when answering a summons, all based on personal experience of dismissed cases. It is beneficial for those going up against world renown banks or third party collectors such as Midland Funding, LVNV Funding, Capital One, and Citibank as it has a lot of the same court samples and correspondence papers dealing with these creditors.

This book contains everything one needs to know on how to get their credit card case dismissed. If the average person beat debt collectors without the help of an attorney before putting together this package then the average person certainly can win using The Defendant’s Package.

So many people are unaware of the danger involved with failing to respond to a court summons. A lot of times the consumer doesn’t even owe all of the debt the debt buyer claims they do, and they end up paying more than necessary. Junk debt buyers usually don’t have enough evidence to prevail in court. They’re just trying to make money off hundreds of people as they do on an annual basis. If a defendant is fully aware of his rights and the gimmicks of these third party collectors he can be prepared to go up against them and overcome the credit card lawsui being issued to him.

Getting The Defendant’s Package is worth the low priced investment if a consumer is looking to save himself hundreds and thousands of dollars by just not being cognizant of the fact that the case could be illegitimate and he really has a chance at winning. The Defendant’s Package can be used to find out the many things that must be done upon receiving a credit card summons and what all that entails. Winning a credit card lawsuit is achievable when one has this book on their side. From filing a notice to appear to discovery samples and writing a motion to dismiss, The Defendant’s Package equips defendant’s with the knowledge and documentation necessary to fight and win a debt lawsuit.

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