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LVNV Responded with Discovery

Within seven days of me filing my answer, I received a LVNV Fundings discovery from their attorney. I answered their discovery and sent it off the next day by air so that they got it on the last day it was due to them.

My court allows 30 days to get all of their discovery back, and I answered all of it, sent it back and made sure they got it on the last day it was due. You see, they beat me to the punch. They got their discovery out to me before I could get mine out.

I learned that because I filed my answer with all denials, they couldn’t file a Summary Judgment and discovery would be the next phase of the Lawsuit. I also learned that once you file your answer you should hit them with discovery first.

You want them to have their discovery back to you first because you are asking for important factors of the case, especially documents.

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