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LVNV Funding Hearing

There weren’t many people there at the courthouse when my hearing took place. I waited about 30 minutes before the bailiff called me in. As expected, LVNV Funding failed to show up. They didn’t even oppose the Motion to Reconsider. The judge told me I could plead my case. I just told him that I […]

LVNV Hearing Update

LVNV tried to wiggle their way out and filed a Motion to Reconsider and Reinstate Case to the court’s active docket. I filed an opposition to their Motion and a Response and told the court that under Indiana Rules of Court Rules of Trial Procedure 12(B)(6): which states: Rule 12. Defenses and objections — When […]

LVNV Funding Admits They Have No Contract

This should give quite a few of you some hope and confidence to fight the junk debt buyers. I was sued by LVNV Funding and in the middle of the suit they admitted (see below) that they do not have the contract because they are not the original creditor. If there is no contract there […]

LVNV Funding Lawsuits

A few years ago I was sued by LVNV Funding, a company that buys outdated consumer debts. In the middle of the lawsuit they admitted that they did not have the contract because they weren’t the original creditor. Without a contract you have no lawsuit. This junk debt buyer typically buys the outdated debt and […]