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Signs That You Are Entering Into the Credit Card Debt Hole

Your credit card debt can go way overboard if you don’t keep an eye out for it. Regardless of all your positive intentions, minor over-the-budget purchases can turn your credit card bill into a hefty debt. Not just middle-aged, but college students are also partaking in credit card overindulgence. If your credit card debts are […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Worried When Fighting Against Midland Funding

Getting sued by a debt buyer such as Midland Funding can feel frustrating and intimidating. You may not know how to deal with the case, let alone win it. In this blog, we discuss three advantages that you have as a consumer. These advantages will equip you with tactics to not only battle this lawsuit, […]

What Is A Stipulated Judgment, And Will It Work In Your Case?

When you legitimately owe a debt, you may simply want to agree to a settlement with the credit buyer and get done with it. Creditors usually agree to negotiate a settlement as well. However, if the plaintiff has already filed a lawsuit, they will often want you to sign a ‘stipulated judgment’ as an accessory […]

How to write Cease and Desist to Collection Agency

A cease and desist letter tells a collection agency to never contact you about your debt again. You’ve probably read that this is a powerful tool to get debt collectors off your back. Is it the best thing to do? Little do people know that by sending the collection agency a cease and desist letter, […]

Invalid Witness-Debt Lawsuit Defense

The invalid witness affirmative defense primarily applies to cases involving 3rd party card debt lawsuits. Occasionally, an attorney for collection agency or junk debt buyer will use himself/herself to answer interrogatories, or act is if he or she has personal knowledge of the account in question. In order for this to be true, the attorney […]

The Ultimate Guide To Winning Your Credit Card Lawsuit

This year came with many big surprises. But one that really shook up the banking sector and the credit card industry was one where one of the biggest giant financial corporations in the world was sued for the use of discredited methods for credit card debt collection from its customers. On July 8, 2015 according […]

What types of Income are Exempt from Credit Card Debt Judgments?

Our site’s primary focus is to assist people with winning their lawsuits against junk debt buyers and aggressive credit card companies. What if you already lost? We have been asked what types of income are protected from credit card debt judgments. These are general exemptions that apply to many states. Every case is different. We […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Below is the full text of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as stated on Federal Trade Commission website. As amended by Public Law 104-208, 110 Stat. 3009 (Sept. 30, 1996) To amend the Consumer Credit Protection Act to prohibit abusive practices by debt collectors. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives […]

New York City Requires Debt Buyers to Register as Collection Agencies

Last week, the New York City Council passed legislation that would require debt purchasers to register and operate under the same rules as collection agencies, regardless of whether they actually engaged in debt collection activity. In a session last Wednesday that also saw the Council create a “bed bugs task force” to keep the city’s […]

Answer Credit Card Lawsuit Motion to Dismiss

Have you been served by a junk debt buyer or collection agency? It’s unwise for you to settle with them or simply ignore the summons so they come after you legally with a judgment, not to mention destroy your credit for the next 10 years! You need to answer the summons before they get a […]