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Winning A Credit Card Lawsuit

I get a lot of emails and posts from people who ask me how I won my credit card lawsuits. You all have to keep in mind that I was just like you and had no idea what I was doing and had to figure it all out by myself.

The first thing I learned is to take a look at the Summons to make sure how long I had to answer it and if they had served me correctly etc. I had 20 days to figure it out because that’s when my answer was due back at the court. I was never sent any collection notices via mail so I didn’t expect any of the lawsuits that I was Summoned for.

I then proceeded to look at the Complaint and pick at every little thing that I possibly could to see where they went wrong. I started by checking the plaintiff’s name, investigated that to make sure they were the real party in interest. I worked my way down each paragraph to see what their counts were against me and everything basically reflected on the credit card agreement. Everything said ‘per the credit card contract (agreement)’ and yet they failed to attach such an agreement that they were claiming. My court rules require the contract/agreement attached so I worked my way from there.

By pulling up my local court rules I read them over and over again until I figured them all out and that is where the fun began. Junk debt buyers sue you hoping that you cannot afford a lawyer, because a lawyer would figure out just how flawed the lawsuit is within minutes of reading it.

Lawyers charge a pretty penny to help consumers being sued by junk debt buyers; that is why I don’t understand how people can suggest getting a lawyer. Most consumer advocate attorneys are looking for a counter lawsuit so that they can make money, of course. If they review your lawsuit with a free consult and see that they won’t make any money they will usually turn you away or charge you $350.00 – $1,000.00 just to answer the lawsuit for you.

I am glad that I figured it out myself so that I didn’t have to pay any attorneys for such an easy thing to do. Winning your credit card lawsuit is simple because like I have said they probably have already messed up and you are not even aware of it yet and they hope you don’t figure it out.

A company cannot just sue you and state “per the terms of the agreement”, say that you breached an agreement or that you owe money per the terms of the agreement and yet not have a copy of that agreement attached. That copy should have a copyright date for the year(s) you had open on the account, not one day before nor one day later, or that agreement invalid.

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