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Tips to Avoid Credit Card Debt

If you don’t even want to deal with credit card debt in the first place, there are some precautions you must take early on. For those of you who still have time and haven’t gotten too deep in yet, do your best to avoid being hassled by debt collectors and being served a credit card lawsuit. Answering a Summons isn’t necessarily fun, but with assistance from this site it becomes easier than you might think.

Learn debt management early and figure out a way to remain financially healthy through conservative spending, budgeting, saving and more. You might not even need more than one or two credit cards.

We have a list of ways you can work on avoiding credit card debt:

  • Charge only what you can afford.
  • Don’t buy things that you know you can afford using your credit card.

  • Don’t miss credit card payments.
  • Set reminders for yourself days in advance so you won’t have to miss a credit card payment or pay the balance too late. You may even opt for automatic debt with the bank to make it easier.

  • Have an emergency fund.
  • Those who don’t have cash for a medical expense, a major car repair or unexpected payment for some occurrence can end up in credit card debt. By having an emergency fund you have money set aside for emergencies and don’t have to charge your credit card.

  • Avoid balance transfers.
  • Unless you’re transferring a balance to another credit card to take advantage of the lower interest rate avoid balance transfers because you will be charged a fee.

  • Pay your balance in full each month.
  • Simply make an effort to pay off your balance every month to avoid credit card debt. This way you won’t have to worry about meeting the minimum payment.

  • Don’t lend out your credit card.
  • Even if you loan your credit card to a person, you are ultimately responsible for the charges made on it. When another person uses your card you have no control over it, even if they say they’ll pay the bill.

  • Understand the terms of your credit card.
  • Be sure to read over your credit card agreement. Note the interest rate, terms on fees and when your interest rate will go up. By having a clear understanding of your credit card terms you can work on avoiding debt.

  • Avoid cash advances.
  • One of the worst ways to use a credit card is with cash advances. Typically a cash advance can be an early stage of credit card debt so consider creating an emergency fund.

  • Limit your number of credit cards.
  • The more credit cards you have, the more likely you are to fall into debt because you’re able to charge more. Minimize the number of credit cards in your wallet.

  • Know the signs of credit card debt.
  • Recognize early warning signs and remain cognizant of your credit card spending to avoid falling into debt.

Keep the tips above in mind when trying to avoid credit card debt. It can be quite difficult to repay this kind of debt and if you stay out of the red you won’t have to worry about dealing with court summons and credit card lawsuits.