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Answer Credit Card Summons Template

People who are sued do not know the correct format to answer their credit card summons. Pro Se defendants should just copy the top portion of the plaintiff’s complaint. Make sure you name the plaintiff and defendant exactly how it appears on the summons and make sure that the cause number is included. The right portion of the paper will be used to state the defendant’s answer and affirmative defenses.

Your answer to your credit card summons should be formulated exactly the same way as the complaint from the plaintiff. The only difference will be that you will add the defendant’s answer and affirmative defenses.

The easiest way to explain this is to look at the plaintiff’s complaint and copy everything in the same format. This is with the exception of the right side of the paper where you will see the name of the pleading under the cause number. Make sure that if you are filing a motion that you name the motion there. If you are filing your answer, put defendant’s answer.

When you answer, make sure you file a copy with your county clerk’s office, send a copy to the plaintiff and keep one copy for your records. Do not forget to attach your certificate of service with each pleading.

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