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The Defendant’s Package – Be Prepared to Win Your Lawsuit Against Junk Debt Buyers

The Defendant’s Package has everything you need to fight and win a junk debt buyer lawsuit.

Getting sued for old credit card debt can be overwhelming and stressful to say the least. Searching the Internet for help can be exhausting and you never know if what you read is true or not.

Take it from someone who has won four lawsuits against:

  • Three junk debt buyers
  • One original creditor

There are so many things that need to be done once you are sued. The Defendant’s Package can help people who are being sued for credit card debt.

The Defendant’s Package includes the following:

  • Answering the summons
  • Filing a notice to appear
  • Complete with Discovery which includes:
    • Answer discovery samples
    • Sending discovery off to the plaintiff
    • and so much more.

Have a look at this package and see if it can help save you countless hours and stress over being sued. This package is so good that the plaintiff will think you consulted with a lawyer.

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Additional Information

  • avatar Bill Thompson

    “I had our case dismissed by following the exact instructions found in the materials I received. The only advice I would give to anyone is to not lean on their own understanding in any of this. Just because you feel you are 100% right, the court is all about proper procedures. If you don’t follow the packet and do things it tells you to do, you can lose because you did not play by the rules and the plaintiff’s count on your ignorance every time. Don’t think just do and the outcome will be in your favor. In court I saw dozens of people lose because they felt they were right but they lost by not following every procedure. This material saved me from the same fate because my approach would have been about common sense and that plays no role here. This is a about the rule of law that governs every court.”

  • avatar Jon B.K.

    “I just had my case dismissed. I had to go a few steps beyond the initial motion to dismiss, but the package helped immensely. I actually enjoyed making the attorney have to do some work.”

  • avatar Mike L.

    “I just wanted to say thanks for your great package. The Defendant’s Package is priceless information. I was being sued by a collection agency, they sent me a “request for admissions” – I used the info in the Defendant’s Package to respond to the request. A short time later, the plaintiff filed a voluntary non-suit – they dropped their case. HAHA, I love it! Thanks again!”

  • avatar Victor Smith

    “I just purchased your package, but I have a question which I hope that you can answer, because it will determine the way in which I can respond to my summons. The summons lists a bank as the plaintiff, but each page is stamped by a debt collector/law firm. Is the law firm using the bank as a front, or is the bank actually the plaintiff?”

  • avatar Dan C.


    I want to Thank You for offering this information!!! Literally, it saved me over $3,800+. Recently, I was served a summons by two sheriff’s deputies in Texas. The plaintiff was a notorious bottom feeder suing on “behalf” of a major retailer. To say the least, I was confused, sad, and upset at this action being taken, and I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I came across your website. I ordered the package, read the information, tailored my response and my own request for “Discovery” according to Texas law, and “surprise” the case was dismissed within two weeks.

    I am a very well educated person, and I have my Doctorate Degree in Education; however, I admit that I couldn’t have done it without you!!! There is simply too much legal jargon, procedures, and terms for an everyday person to understand. BUT, you made it very understandable. You made the difference. Thanks again!!!”

    avatar Admin

    “That is excellent to hear! Glad to help!! Thanks for your time in letting me know.. fantastic!.”

  • avatar Kelly O

    “i just wanted to tell you, that TODAY I filled a MOTION TO DISMISS!!!! Plaintiff haven’t answered neither my interrogatories, Admissions, nor Production of Docs!!! the package its great, as long as you use your states laws!! (for FL this is the link that helped me: – In case that someone needs it!!) THANK YOU!”

  • avatar Caitlin

    “I was so scared when the process server came to my house, I really wanted to hide my head in the sand like 90% of the folks who get served in credit cases. I am so thankful I found this website! The info on this site and the Defendant’s package helped me to navigate through this scary process. I also did research on my State’s Civil Code of Procedures to determine when I need to file the different documents that I tailored to my own situation. The documents I got with the package were essential to my success. Although the junk debt buyer’s (Midland) lawyer answered my first discovery, he did not answer my Request for Production and as I was about to file a Motion to Dismiss! He got tired of my fighting him. Please, don’t be afraid of these folks, and get the Defendant’s package! Thank you for this information, it is the main reason I won my case!”

  • avatar Jan

    “Anyone who has ANY reservations about this, DON’T. I was recently sued by Capital One for $6000, or shall I say their bottom feeder attorneys who refused to show me validation of debt twice. Let me state for the record that I used my card for things like food and gas, necessities, praying that my luck would change. When I received the initial summons, it was left rolled up on both mine and my neighbors mailbox during the Feb snow storm Northwest Indiana had. The first thing I did was panic and run to the court house to answer it (big mistake). Once I calmed down and did some research, I found this site. I was hesitant but seeing as though I am in Lake County Indiana which is just north of Jasper, I thought this has got to be true. I consulted an attorney about filing bankruptcy and decided that I would try this at first just to see if I can stall for a few months in the event my financial situation changes. Well after my meeting with my attorney, I bought the package and wrote my own motion and filed it the next day. I remember the ladies behind the counter saying to me that my file was in court already and that I was not allowed to file a motion. I pushed them stating how can that be, I am saying what is in this lawsuit is wrong and they did not follow Indiana Trial Law. The supervisor said and I quote “Let he file it, the judge won’t dismiss it anyway”. I walked out of there assuming that my motion would be in the round circular trash can. I was sitting in class on 2/22 and just happened to check online (Lake County Indiana has online dockets which allows you to follow where your case is) to see if any progress had been made on my case and to see if a court date had been set yet. My case said CLOSED…. Dismissed with Prejudice. I jumped out of my seat completely taken back because I assumed that this was going to drag on forever. What this means is they can NEVER ever sue me again. So I want to THANK you for posting this information and for having this website available to us hardworking citizens who are financially down on our luck so we can find piece of mind one creditor at a time.”

    avatar Admin

    “That is awesome Jan! Way to stick to your guns! Good Job! When you are right you are right and always push forward with it. So glad to help another Hoosier win! Especially Against Capital One how sweet it is!”