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Debt Validation Letter Help

If you have received a letter in the mail from a collection agency, and you are interested in challenging it, a debt validation letter may be a powerful tool. Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding debt validation letters.

What is a debt validation letter?

The purpose of a debt validation letter is to notify the collection agency you are challenging, not denying, the alleged debt. The letter requests the collection agency list all information they have against you and the alleged debt. Notice I said alleged debt. Even if the debt is legitimate, do not admit to it over the phone, in writing, or in person. If you happen to speak with a collector, it is important you never admit to the debt! Advise the debt collector to send proper validation that you are responsible for the debt in question. Or you may ask for their mailing address so you can send the debt validation letter to them.

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When the collection agency receives the debt validation letter, they must stop reporting the alleged debt to credit report agencies. Make sure you contact the credit report agencies and notify them you sent a letter to the collection agency requesting they validate the debt.

Should I send a debt validation letter

Yes! If you receive a letter from a collection agency or attorney in your state, take notice to the portion of the letter that states they are giving you 30 days to reply or they will assume the debt is valid and will proceed with collection.

Remember, once they receive the debt validation letter, the collection agency must cease collection of the debt until you receive a response.

By law, you have the right to ask for proper validation of the debt they are trying to collect. The debt validation letter is your weapon against them.

What could happen if I do not send a debt validation letter?

Even if you know the debt is yours, you should make the collection agency prove it. Make them show you what documentation they have on you.

If you do not send a debt validation letter to the collection agency, it strengthens their case against you. How so? Here is a common scenario: The collection agency calls you; you ignore their call. They send you a letter; you ignore it. By avoiding the collection agency, you can actually make yourself look guilty. That is one of the reasons why you need to send a debt validation letter. It cannot hurt you; but it will hurt you more if you do not.

Can the collection agency sue me during the debt validation period?

Unfortunately, yes they can. However, you could request the case is thrown out because of their failure to respond to the debt validation letter. Remember, you have the legal right to ask for proper validation of the debt they are trying to collect from you.

What if I sent a debt validation letter and the debt was validated?

The next step is to send a follow-up debt validation letter. Click here for more information.