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Red Rock Lake Financial Lawsuit Dismissed Old Providian Credit Card

This was the sweetest and easiest win ever. Red Rock Financial supposedly bought an eight-year-old credit card debt from Providian.

Attached to the Complaint was not a thing. I knew that they were supposed to have the original contract, or copy thereof attached so I filed a Motion To Dismiss without Prejudice and asked the court to give them their 20 days to amend, and if they didn’t to dismiss the case with prejudice. That was granted.

About a week later I get a dismissal with prejudice from them. Yes, they voluntarily dismissed the case!

So, like I have said many times before, most of these companies do not have any documentation. They see you are fighting back and it’s not worth it. They’ll move on to the next person and get their default judgment because they were too scared to fight back.

These guys sit there with no proof whatsoever and when they are called out on it, they fold.