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Sample of a Civil Court Summons

The following is an example of a civil summons for a credit card debt lawsuit.

Notice that the summons tells the defendant that they have 20 days to answer or a judgment will be entered against them.

If this debt buyer is suing for $20,000.00 and I don’t answer this summons within 20 days, they win easily because I failed to answer.

State of Whatever

County of Whatever

CAUSE NO. ________

Plaintiff’s Name





The State of _______________ to Defendant: ________________
Address: __________________________

You have been sued by the person name “plaintiff”, in the court stated above.

The nature of the suit against you is stated in the complaint which is attached to this summons.

It also states the demand which the plaintiff has made against you. You must answer the complaint in writing to be filed with the court, by you or your attorney, within 20 days, commencing the day after you receive this summons; you have 23 days to answer this summons if it was received by mail or judgment will be entered against you for what the plaintiff has demanded.

If you deny the demand and/or have a claim for relief against the plaintiff arising from the same transaction or occurrence, you must assert it in your written answer.

It is suggested that you consult with an attorney of your choice regarding this matter.

The following manner of service of summons is hereby designated: Sheriff (or certified mail if mailed)

Attorney for Plaintiff’s Info goes here _____________________
Date: __________________


Clerk, Circuit Court