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Junk Debt Buyer Portfolios and You

I get so many emails and comments on this website in regard to these junk debt buyers. The fact that so many of you are fighting them back is great. There are a lot of people out there who are so lost.

I will try to explain this as best I can:

  • You opened a credit card with a bank. They would be the original creditor.

  • For some reason or another you could not make your payments and the original creditor sold your account to another company.

  • The other company would be a junk debt buyer. These are the guys that purchase your old debt from that original creditor for pennies. So let’s say you owed the original creditor $3,000.00. The original creditor probably sold the debt over to the junk debt buyer for about $30.00 – $100.00.

  • Now the junk debt buyer sees dollar signs and why wouldn’t he? He can make a lot of money off of the person if they win in court or if they settle per the Collection Letters. If he purchased an old debt for $100.00 and it’s worth $3,000.00 he is going to make $2,900.00 off of this deal plus the interest they will tack on which, most likely, will roll into the thousands. So he will pocket roughly around $5,000.00 or more just by purchasing that one old debt from the original creditor.

  • There are literally thousands and thousands of old debts that they purchase at the same time. These are called debt portfolios. And if your old debt happens to be listed within that portfolio, the chances are they are going to sue you at some point if you do not answer their collection letters. Now, just because your debt was listed within the portfolio sale doesn’t mean your name and account number were listed among other things needed to prevail in a court of law.

  • The junk debt buyer purchases thousands of people’s old debt at the same time. You then basically become a number in their system. Eventually, depending on the company, they’ll end up suing you, but they do not have all the documents to win their case.

So to sum it up, you couldn’t pay the original creditor, they sold your account, and the junk debt buyer purchased that account along with thousands of other accounts at the same time.

Your account, they purchased, becomes a number in their system. As time passes and collection letters are ignored they will then end up suing you. However, unlike the original creditor they will not have the documents to win in a court of law. You are not a number to the original creditor, you are a customer. When you become a number like with junk debt buyers they don’t know you, they don’t care about you and they will just sue you hoping for a default judgment. Junk debt buyers just want to rake in the obscene amount of money they will earn if you fold in court.

Junk debt buyers do this daily and the people who fight back most likely will win against them.