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Judgment on the Pleadings Hearing

I just thought I’d tell you what happened at the Motion for Judgment on the pleadings hearing:

It was at 1pm and took about 45 minutes. The bailiff called me in and the plaintiff didn’t show up.


The judge came in and stated that he had the Motion in front of him and asked that I plead my case.

Seeing that the plaintiff didn’t show up, I told the judge not to waste any more of the court’s time nor his and that everything that I plead is in the Motion.

The Judge glanced over the Motion again, said that seeing that the plaintiff couldn’t even show up to defend themselves he was granting my Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings as a Motion To Dimiss under Trial Rule 12(b)(6) for Failure to State a Claim upon which relief can be granted. Case Dismissed.


And that was it.

So, that meant the plaintiff would get 20 Days to amend.

The judge was really nice seeing that I was Pro Se and the whole thing lasted about eight minutes.