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Collection Agency Freeze Bank Account

The collection agency has to sue you first and get either a default judgment or a judgment to legally collect. Having a judgment against you allows them to go after your wages and freeze your bank account.

It is quite scary how easy it is for collection agencies to freeze your bank account. They simply send the banks in your area Interrogatories which forces the banks to answer them. Once the RIGHT bank says ‘Yes, John Doe has an account here,’ they freeze it using their judgment.

The best thing to do is fight these guys back. 90% of debt buyers do not have the original contract, legal assignment of debt, or the agreement to even sue you. They think just because you are being sued that will scare you so much that you don’t show up.

Just because they are suing you, don’t automatically assume it’s legal and they have the evidence to pursue it. They want a default judgment which is the easy way out. They don’t want you to fight it because that costs them money, and most lose because again, they don’t have any evidence to prove what you owe.

Consider my case; I was being sued in Indiana. They did not have an Assignment of Debt, contract, or the agreement for that matter. I got the cased dismissed under a 12(B)(6) Failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. This means they had no legal claim to pursue me and win in a Court of Law.

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