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Debt Collector Threats Jail

Under no circumstances can a collection agency call you up and threaten you with jail or say that they are going to send the FBI after you to scare you so that you pay up.

Believe it or not, that is what some collection agencies will do. They try to scare you into thinking that there is some kind of debtors prison that awaits you if you fail to pay your debt.

That could not be further from the truth. They are using scare tactics so that you pay them and they make a huge commission. That is how they make their living. I cannot say that all collection agencies use scare tactics because they do not. In all honesty, I would never talk with anyone from a collection agency and that is my opinion. I would rather talk with the original creditor and come to an agreement.

If a debt collector is threatening you by saying they are going to take your house, your car or send you to prison, you need to contact an attorney immediately!

Do not believe any debt collectors threats. Do not ever let them scare you. It is against the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for any debt collector to threaten you and you could file a lawsuit against them and prevail!

If you received a call and were threatened with jail time for debt, contact the Better Business Bureau, an attorney and your attorney general’s office and report them immediately.