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Credit Card Lawsuit Plaintiff

Take a look at your summons and your complaint. Your summons contains all the information needed regarding how long you have to answer or the court date you are to appear. The complaint will show you the plaintiff’s name and the defendant’s name.

The plaintiff will be the junk debt buyer, collection agency or maybe even the original creditor and the defendant will have your name listed.

For Example:




The plaintiff is the one who has filed a lawsuit against you and is seeking damages. Those damages will be money damages and will be listed on your complaint. Check the very last paragraph of your complaint; it will start off with “WHEREFORE,…” and within that paragraph will state the amount of money, or damages, the plaintiff is wanting you to pay up in a court of law.

The plaintiff has sued you because you have either failed to answer your collection calls, failed to answer their collection letters, which also includes not sending a debt validation letter, and now is using the court system to prevail.

When it comes down to fighting junk debt buyers, your chances are pretty good. If you know what you are doing, 90% of you out there could win. That is why this site was made. Look around and you will find lots of good things here to help you win your lawsuit.