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Credit Card Debt Lawsuit Request for Documents

Answer and send your own Request for Documents to the collection attorney regarding your own credit card lawsuit.

In brief, a Request for Documents is when the plaintiff and defendant request that a party hand over certain documents. It is quite simple actually. In collection lawsuits they will ask you for:

  • Credit card contract
  • Application
  • Copies of the payments you made to the original creditor
  • Copies of receipts
  • Letters
  • and more…

If you answer these requests and do not object, you can be ruining your entire case as well. It’s up to you how to answer. However, when I was sued by a collection agency I objected to every single document request that was asked of me.

They asked me for copies of all notice letters, collection letters, statements and charge slips in my possession on the contract in dispute. They tried to trick me by asking me to provide copies of any and all receipts, letters, or other information that supported my contention that the account was paid in full.

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