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Find Law

FindLaw’s cases and codes section contains resources and links for both state and federal laws. This includes resources pertaining to constitutions, statutes, cases and more. It contains “Lawyers’ Dirty Little Secrets” and how to beat collection lawyers at their own game. You can relieve the fear, anxiety and pressure of being sued or the thought […]

Public Library of Law

The Public Library of Law is a website that allows you to search for anything legal using their easy to use engine. This site contains many laws available for free and puts them all in one place. Things available on Public Library of Law Cases from the U.S. Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals Cases […]

United States Rules of Civil Procedure

United States rules of civil procedures are listed below. Find your court rules and fight your lawsuits using your state rules. Alaska Arkansas Rules of Court California Code of Civil Procedure Colorado Civil Rules and Procedure Delaware Civil Procedure for Superior Court Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Georgia Rules of Civil Procedure (click appropriate county […]

United States Collection Laws

Your state’s laws for legal interest rates, judgment interest rates, your states statute of limitations for open accounts, written contracts, domestic judgments, foreign judgments, bad check laws, and to see if the collection agency in your state needs to be licensed or bonded before being able to collect. The below laws are a very important […]

Civil Motions and Hearings

Move your case forward in a way that’s ridiculously easy to understand. We’ll give examples and practical tips to help you win your lawsuit, with or without a lawyer. Whether you’re a defendant or plaintiff, you protect yourself from loss by moving your case along, keeping your position alive and kicking so it doesn’t fall […]