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Civil Motions and Hearings

Move your case forward in a way that’s ridiculously easy to understand. We’ll give examples and practical tips to help you win your lawsuit, with or without a lawyer.

Whether you’re a defendant or plaintiff, you protect yourself from loss by moving your case along, keeping your position alive and kicking so it doesn’t fall through the cracks or get lost in the storm of arguments and evidence presented by your opponent.

  • So, let’s get things moving!
  • Don’t let your case slow down.
  • Move it forward … and keep it moving!

You want to win your case, but you also want to get it over with. You and your family need to resume a normal lifestyle after the lawsuit is over, without the emotional stress, prolonged delay, and crushing expenses required to keep on fighting.

Win quickly! Though few things in life are more satisfying that winning a lawsuit, it is equally true that few things are more financially draining or emotionally debilitating than a lawsuit that drags on for years on end with constant motions and hearings and depositions and subpoenas and perpetual invasions of your private and public life. That’s why you need to move your case effectively and get it over with.

Do what we teach and you’ll put your case on fast track, improving your chance for winning at the same time. In fact, keeping your case moving forward is what it takes to win. Here is critical information you absolutely must know about the plaintiff’s right to sue and the defendant’s arsenal of defenses.

Nothing is more important to winning a lawsuit than understanding causes of action and the defenses by which you can avoid the other side’s attack! Whether you are suing someone else for damages they caused or being sued for damages they say you caused, this tutorial is essential to winning your case, because here you learn in simple, easy-to-understand language the fundamentals about “the right to sue” and “the right to avoid being sued”. Based on actual statutes and case law applicable in all jurisdictions, this tutorial is a must for anyone serious about winning lawsuits.