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Answer Junk Debt Buyer Interrogatories

Interrogatories are a set of questions that the junk debt buyer will ask you to find out more information. In reality, they hope that their questions will trip you up and get you to admit to the debt so that they can file a default judgment.

They will ask you questions about your bank account, your job and other personal information that really doesn’t pertain to the lawsuit. To tell you the truth, I did not answer LVNV Funding’s respond to interrogatories where I was asked the address where I work, my social security number, and my bank address and bank account number.

In my situation, LVNV had no contract or assignment so they hadn’t proved anything to me so I wasn’t about to answer those questions because there was a concern over privacy and it had nothing to do with this lawsuit.

If you are confused on how to answer interrogatories, click here for help.

I was given a respond to interrogatories by a junk debt buyer and I answered them. It is really hard to answer a company’s discovery requests when they have failed to prove that they even own the debt.