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Would the Plaintiff in a Credit Card Civil Case Request the Court for a Summary Judgment in Lieu of a Trial After Filing the Lawsuit

If you answered your Complaint and admitted to any of the counts against you, then the plaintiff most likely filed for summary judgment.

It basically goes like this:

They say you did various things.”

“You answered and admitted that you did some or all of those things.”

They then file for summary judgment based on the fact there is no issue for trial because you just admitted to the court that you did what they accused you of and therefore they are entitled to judgment as a matter of law. You just proved their case by admitting something.

This is just a terrible outcome for people who do not know any better and have admitted that they owe the plaintiff (which most likely was a junk debt buyer) money when they probably did not prove that they even own the debt.

What can you do if the plaintiff filed for summary judgment? You can file an opposition to their summary judgement.