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Sued By Your Credit Card Company? What Do You Do Next?

Whether in mail or at your doorstep, you may have received a notice from your credit card company stating that they are suing you for impending credit card debts. At first, this could be the most terrifying thing. And consumed by the fear, individuals tend to make the most blatant mistakes. The tragedy of the situation isn’t the lawsuit itself. It is, in fact, that debtors do not respond, ultimately gaining a judgment against you.

The credit card debt lawsuit can be overwhelming, and you may find yourself feeling helpless. What is your next step? What should you do? Here’s a guide and game-plan to the steps you should take after you’ve been sued by your credit card company:

Ensure That You’ve Been Served Appropriately

Each state has its own legal regulations as to how a debtor must be served and how summons should be delivered. You should check the pertaining laws in your state to determine if your credit card company has operated within the bounds of the law. In the instance that you’ve not been served appropriately, you should assert this in your initial response to the lawsuit.

Ask Your Credit Card Company For Details

Don’t believe you owe them that huge amount of money? Challenge it! Your credit card company is under the assumption that you will never go over the details of the transactions. In fact they’re counting on it. Your balance may be overestimated by bogus charges. For instance, if you see your $5,000 balance gone to a $10,000, you know for sure that this is false. Write a certified letter to the company requesting for a detailed account of the transactions – the penalties, interests and additional fees, all included. In most cases, the company will not have the sufficient information. And since they don’t have it, they may just back down.

Answer Summons!

As soon as you receive a summons or complaint, a common mistake that most individuals make is to ignore it altogether. Credit card companies and debt collection firms make a living out of lawsuits. And they’re hoping that you do not respond, so that they can make their bogus credit collection from your bank accounts directly (which, FYI, they will have access to) if you do not answer your summons.

You Don’t Need An Attorney

Let’s admit it; attorneys are going to cost you a fortune. They charge by the hour. And it doesn’t quite make sense to spend a large amount of money on a charge that’s bogus, and will not hold water. You can successfully defend yourself against debt collectors and credit card companies without having to pay an attorney. Instead, for assistance and guidance, take a look at this step-by-step guide, Defendant’s Package.

Fight Back

Recently, according to the New York Times, a civil court judge in Brooklyn stated that roughly 90 percent of the credit card lawsuits are flawed and can’t prove the person owes the debt. This is because not only do they not have all the relevant information, but they also don’t have the resources to fight all cases in court. While they’re assuming that you won’t fight back, your decision to do just that will take them by surprise. Chances are that they may immediately drop the litigation charges, or the court may rule in your favor.

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