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Remove Judgment

From my research, I have heard that people simply disputed the judgment from their credit reports. The collection agency has to call the courthouse and verify the judgment with the court.

If it came back verified, the people would call the collection agency and ask them for the information that they received back to verify the judgment. Most collection agencies never call the courts so they don’t have this information. Or they write to the collection agency and ask them for the verification information. If they cannot give that, they are asked to remove the judgment. If verified, it stays on the credit report.

Then people file a motion to vacate the judgment. This asks the court to remove it. You are telling the court that you feel you have been wronged and now have a judgment against you so you wish it to be lifted. State your reasons for overturning the judgement in your favor.

Did you not answer your summons? Tell the court why. The judge may schedule a hearing for your motion to vacate where you would tell the judge all of your reasons and pray that the court vacate the judgment.

Most people are afraid to challenge a court’s ruling but we all have rights and the judges listen fairly and will hear you out.

Some reasons for wanting a motion to vacate:

  • You were not served properly
  • You didn’t get a hearing, the judgment was entered right after you answered the summons
  • You were not able to answer your summons

If you honestly feel that you have been wronged, and a judgment shouldn’t be held against you. You need to fight it.

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