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Preparing for Your Debt Lawsuit Response

If you’ve been served a credit card summons but don’t have the money to hire an attorney, you can still defeat junk debt buyers in court. You can win your credit card lawsuit with the help of these steps and The Defendant’s Package.

  • Decide that you are going to answer.

  • Locate the deadline in the summons to see how much time you have left to respond. (typically 20 – 30 days)

  • Answer each individual allegation in your complaint with:

    • “agree”, “disagree”, or “partially agree”
    • “affirm”, “deny”, or “lack of knowledge to fully answer”.

    Whenever denying or disagreeing with an allegation, write a statement explaining why.

  • File the answer to the summons by sending it via certified mail. Send one copy to the court, one to the creditor, and keep a copy for your own records. Mail the response within the time allotted before the deadline.

  • Be sure to arrive at the courthouse early for your court date and dress professionally. Failure to appear in court on the day assigned will result in a default judgment against you.

  • Do not call the credit card company or the collection agency after you have received your credit card summons. If you have any questions regarding your summons or need discovery forms, contact the court clerk.

  • Remember that answering your summons is important as you will automatically lose if you ignore it or respond too late.

  • Prepare for the discovery phase, which involves both parties providing documents/info for the case as needed. You don’t want to do anything that will harm your case though, so refrain from contacting or responding to aggressive junk buyers that call and threaten you.

Overcoming a debt lawsuit is achievable once you have the right knowledge and resources for debt litigation.