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Old Credit Card Debt Pennies on the Dollar

Let’s say you defaulted on a credit card about five or six years ago, even though the date doesn’t really matter. The original creditor charged it off and sold it.

Say the limit was $500.00 they probably sold the debt for $10.00 to the agency and now the agency has tacked on late fees, annual fees, attorney costs etc., and will sue you for $2000.00(+).

Are you seriously going to let these companies do that to you? Make them prove that they own the debt because the chances are high that they cannot.

They literally have thousands of people that they pursue daily. You, my friend, are just a number. They are hoping that by suing you that you don’t respond and they will get a default judgment against you.

Please look around this site and comment if you don’t understand something.

Your local court rules will save you. This is true especially under the sections of: Written Instruments, Assignment, Affidavit (Hearsay), Your Court Evidence Rules.

Search and keep on searching and within days you will feel like a lawyer. And you will beat them.

If you don’t respond, you can be sure that your wages and bank account will be impacted severely.

Additional Information

  • avatar LSmith

    “I once had a wamu credit card. My husband also used my card, lost his job and we were not able to pay any credit cards for a very long time. Wamu sold this debt to a collection agency, who then sold it to Apothaker & Associates. Apothaker & Apothaker, se nt me a notice of filing with the court for a judgment against me and gave me 30 days to respond. In addition to these jerks contacting me about this lawsuit, they stated I owed $2,500 more than what I know is true. I went ahead and sent Apothaker a cease and desist letter, Dated November 7th. It is now December 11th and I have not heard back from them. I was then reading that I need to file with the court? I do not have the money to pay filing fees. I have the certified return receipt that Apothaker received my letter asking them to prove what they say I owe. It’s been over 30 days and I have not gotten a response from them.. as far as I’m concerned – I am 100% positive they cannot provide me with validation.”