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Junk Debt Buyer Answers Admissions Credit Card Lawsuit

Do they lie?

Well let’s use one of my cases as an example. I won a credit card lawsuit for the plaintiff’s failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted which means the plaintiff didn’t have a leg to stand on in court. They didn’t have any documents to back up their claim and lost.

Did they lie when they answered my Discovery? Well, if I won for failure to state a claim, they lied 100% when they answered my Request for Admissions because they stated the following:

  • I asked them to admit that they didn’t have the original or copy of an assignment between them and the original bank and they responded with ‘DENIED’.
  • (This is a lie because they could not prove to the court that they were the real party of interest which simply means they couldn’t prove they were the assignee of the bank).

  • I asked them to admit that they didn’t have the agreement to claim the amount submitted on the complaint. They responded with: ‘DENIED’.
  • (This is a lie because, like I stated above, this was thrown out of court because they didn’t have a contract nor customer agreement to back up their claim).

  • I asked them to admit that the attorney failed to comply with a trial rule here in Indiana in which they responded with: ‘DENIED’
  • (and they lied again).

Check this one out!

  • Please admit that you do not have a copy of the original Providian cardholder agreement: ‘ADMIT’
  • (they didn’t lie here but how can you sue me under the terms of such agreement when you don’t have the agreement to begin with?). That’s why I’m telling you that these lawsuits are a joke!)

Now I never received anything in the mail stating that the Collection Agency suing me received my account from Providian Bank. So I asked them this:

  • Admit that you did not send the defendant any notification of assignment of the account or assignment of rights: ‘DENIED’
  • (This is a big lie because we all know that they never send anybody copies of the assignment).

  • Again, this was dismissed for the plaintiff’s failure to state a claim (no documents to back up their case). I asked them to admit that they had evidence admissible at trial that proves the defendant owes the debt. They answered: ‘DENIED’.

Again, I won for Failure to State a Claim and asked them to admit that they cannot provide documents proving the Collection Agency who sued me owns the debt. They put ‘DENIED’. Their assignment was never proven.

So, are you worried about answering truthfully on your Admissions? I’m not giving you any advice but I am proving to you that they don’t care.