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Fight Collection Agency Lawsuits and Win

I was sued by collection agencies and junk debt buyers. Instead of calling them and settling with them (which is exactly what they want you to do), and instead of ignoring my summons, I chose to fight them. As a result, I won every single case against me.

How did I beat these Collection Agency Lawsuits?

For months on end I did research and learned how to beat these guys at their own game. After I won my first lawsuit, things became easier. I even beat Capital One bank for over $2,000.00 after refusing to settle. Capital One was the original creditor, by the way, and not a collection agency or junk debt buyer. When I was served by Capital One, I told myself that I was going to take them as far as I could and that’s exactly what I did, to the point where they ended up just giving in and I won.

I have saved close to $30,000.00 by fighting back collection agencies.

When you have been served by a collection attorney, whether it’s an agency or a junk debt buyer representing these unethical companies, they are hoping that you ignore your summons.

If you do not answer your summons, they will easily win and they will get a default judgment against you. Once they have their hands on that default judgment, they will come after you for every cent you’ve got by freezing your bank account, getting a court order for a garnishment hearing which will order you to come to court and give up information about your employer, where you bank etc. Some, however, will simply send interrogatories out to all the banks in your neighborhood and if they hit the right one, by law, the bank must tell the company that you bank there. With that information the company that has the judgment will show the bank and they can legally freeze your bank account within seconds.

Collection Agencies and Junk Debt Buyers

One thing that I have learned from all of my research is that collection agencies and junk debt buyers buy debt portfolios in bulk. There are literally thousands of people out there, just like you, who are listed within these debt portfolios. So, you are basically just a number with a lot of interest.

Most agencies will start to call you and if you pick up the phone they’ve basically got you right there. They now know that this is your home phone number and you live at the address they have on file. The same is true when you send out debt validation notices. Once you send out that notice you’ve basically given up your address to these agencies and they love it. You’ve told them “Hey, this is where I live”. They can send you an answer to your debt validation letter and right after that, you can expect a lawsuit.

They want you to pick up the phone; they want you to answer your collection letters with a validation notice. All they have to do is send you basic information such as your name, address, the original creditor’s name and the amount owing to pass the debt validation request.

People should really think about sending debt validation letters out. Each and every time (before I knew better), I sent out a debt validation letter and within weeks of it there was a knock on the door with the county sheriff handing me papers.

I bet most of you being sued right now have sent out a debt validation letter or talked on the phone with a collection agency. All you did was confirm what needed to be confirmed in order to get served.

Now, when I was sued by Capital One, I didn’t receive any collection letters. All I got was a summons and I took it from there. With Red Rock Lake Financial, I just received a summons. I’d never heard of that company before. LVNV Funding hired a law firm here in Indiana to work for them and I was successful against them with my answer to my summons and my motions to the court.

What I’ve Learned About Collection Agency Lawsuits

I have learned how to correctly file all motions to dismiss and motions to strike; how to answer my summons with affirmative defenses; how to answer discovery such as interrogatories, request to admit (admissions) and request for documents. I’ve also learned how to send my own discovery with requests for documents that I know they cannot possibly have.

I have learned how to destroy cases from junk debt buyers and collection agencies right on the spot and my proof can be found here, complete with signed court papers by the judges who presided over my cases.

I have proved to all of you that I know how to fight collection lawsuits and win them. Now, I am sharing all of my information with you so that you can all beat your lawsuits as well.