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Deny Credit Card Lawsuit

From my own experience of being sued, I looked at it this way:

I took out a credit card with the original creditor, and the collection agency did not attach any proof that I now owed them money….therefore, I DENIED.

I owed the original creditor money, but the collection agency did not attach any proof that I now owed them money. They did not provide a proper chain of assignment, or any proof whatsoever that I owed them money and not the original creditor…therefore, I DENIED.

The amount that they specified was unreasonable and inaccurate plus they provided no proof that this was the just and true amount…therefore, I DENIED.

If a collection agency wants to purchase defaulted accounts, they need to prove, without doubt, that they purchased the account and that the amount they are suing you for is the correct amount.

Like I have said in previous posts, they are the plaintiff and the proof is required from the plaintiff. A collection agency cannot buy a debt and just say they did so, they cannot claim an amount and say it is the right amount. They need to prove everything.

If you are sued by a collection agency, look at all the proof attached to the Complaint and then make your choice. None of my lawsuits had anything except for Capital One lawsuit but I still beat them. All of these companies just want to buy tons of defaulted credit card accounts and then hire a lawyer and make a profit.

The proof is on the plaintiff so make them prove it until they are blue in the face. Just because they say so doesn’t mean anything. Just because it is an attorney claiming this does not make it the truth. Ultimately, courts rely on evidence.