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Defend Yourself – Summary Judgment Credit Card

When a summary judgment is filed against either the defendant or plaintiff, each party is allowed to motion the court with a response and opposition to the summary judgment.

Defendant’s response and opposition to plaintiff’s motion for summary judgement

When dealing with a summary judgment, the defendant can write up an opposition to the plaintiff’s summary judgment. In this, the defendant would state the facts to the court as to why the plaintiff should not be able to win that judgment.

I am not a lawyer, but in my case, the plaintiff, a junk debt buyer, wrote up a motion to the court to reconsider a ruling. I filed something called ‘defendant’s opposition to plaintiff’s motion to reconsider’. I numbered each paragraph, and then for each one I stated to the court why they should deny the motion. I used my local court rules to my advantage and stated that the collection agency had not complied with those rules.

Their motion to reconsider was denied!

Only you know what that summary judgment states, and you have the right to oppose it. I would contact a lawyer and get his/her advice as I’m sure down the line the junk debt buyer made some kind of error or failed to comply with your court rules.

Check your local court rules and check the summary judgment. Is everything accurate?